Beginning September 2021 Appraisers from the Zavala County Appraisal District (ZCAD) will be conducting a community-wide Reappraisal for property in Batesville.

This type of reappraisal takes place once every 3 years for the purpose of verifying any changes to properties and assisting ZCAD with updating information for Property Owners in Zavala County.

ZCAD kindly asks for the communities continued support and cooperation in our effort to obtain the most accurate information as possible. The reappraisal process will continue through the end of 2021 and will consist of taking measurements of improvements as well as pictures.

 For any questions, please contact the ZCAD office at (830) 374-3475. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

As of June 29, 2020 the Zavala County Appraisal District will open its doors to the public


  • In an effort, to keep everyone as healthy as possible, please adhere to the following guidelines that have been established.
  • If you are experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing or have been out of the country, please do not enter the building.
  •  A mask is required to enter the building.
  •  Please maintain as much social distance as possible between you and another.
  •  Hand sanitizer will be available for use.
  •  In order to keep the amount of people to a minimum, only 2 people at a time will be allowed to enter. If there is a waiting time you will be asked to sign in and wait in your vehicle. You will be called when the next spot is available.

 The Zavala County Appraisal District is still strongly encouraging Taxpayers and the public to communicate with us by telephone, email, fax, the postal service or the website whenever possible.

 A drop box is available at our front door for any documents or payments that need to be dropped off.

Welcome to Zavala County Appraisal District!

Within this site you will find general information about the District and the ad valorem property tax system in Texas, as well as information regarding specific properties within the district. Zavala County Appraisal District is responsible for appraising all real and business personal property within Zavala County. The district appraises property according to the Texas Property Tax Code and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).

Zavala County Appraisal District is responsible for the fair market appraisal of properties within each of the following taxing entities. Additional responsibilities include change of address and public information requests. The duties of the appraisal district include the determination of market value of taxable property and the administration of exemptions and special valuations authorized by the local entities and the state of Texas.

Tax rates and ultimately the amount of taxes levied on property are determined by governing bodies of each of the taxing authorities. Mineral, utility, and industrial accounts are appraised for the district by Pritchard + Abbott Inc.. Real estate and personal property accounts are appraised locally by the district.

Thanks for visiting with us and we hope you’ll find all the information you need right here on the site, but please don’t hesitate to email, call or come by – we’re here to help!

County Taxing Entities:
County of Zavala
City of Crystal City
Crystal City ISD
La Pryor ISD
Wintergarden Ground Water District
Southwest Texas Junior College